Line App Messenger introduces Sound Stickers

Line App Messenger introduces Sound Stickers

Stickers are very fun to use during online or mobile conversation. They help create moods and make the conversation visual. Most free messaging and chat services make use of stickers, but now LINE app has taken it into another level by introducing sound stickers. These are stickers that make sounds when they are received. How cool.

What’s unique about these sound stickers?

LINE app wants to create a new kind of experience where consumers don’t only enjoy colorful stickers but also get to enjoy sounds along with it. This will help increase the quality of conversation and make it even more intimate. However, this is not just ordinary sound. This is a sound that has been extracted from the music of popular musicians that people are already familiar with. This means that consumers will be getting a double dose of the fun by enjoying the pictures and sounds of their favorite celebrity.

The first sets

LINE says that their first set of celebrity sound stickers will feature the legendary musician Paul McCartney. This set has been tagged “chat with Paul McCartney” and will include 24 different and very create set of stickers. The stickers will be available to all LINE app users worldwide and can be purchased from the in-app sticker shop for only $1.99 per set. Once you purchase the set, you can begin to use it within your conversation. The set contains so many phrases by the world-famous musician including, “good job”, “thank you” etc.

Using the stickers

When it comes to conversation online, the more emotions you add the more interesting it is. There is almost no way a conversation can get more interesting other than adding images and pictures of celebrities to it. To make your conversation more effective and emotional, make sure that you include the stickers at the appropriate position in your conversation. Your duty is to ensure that the person at the other side of the conversation gets a better feeling for a good reason. Also, just like other types of stickers, LINE app sound stickers can be included within a conversation, as well as on your Timeline.

Getting conversation that is more engaging through sound stickers just makes the whole experience of mobile chat more interesting. You can add it in a conversation or post it on your Timeline, if you so please. To buy the stickers, you need to visit More> Sticker Shop on your LINE app.

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