Expressive and Fun Chats with Line Messenger

Expressive and Fun Chats with Line Messenger

The Line Messaging App has incorporated more than 10,000 emoticons and stickers, which have been very attractive to many users of the app. The stickers have been influential in making certain that users can express a variety of emotions through using different stickers and emoticons. This aspect has also set the app apart from other messaging apps primarily because other apps have a limited number of emoticons. The users can easily find these stickers and emoticons from Line’s Sticker Shop and they can choose a variety of original stickers developed for Line. The users can also use the Sticker Shop to fine other world-famous character stickers.

Line App features

The Line Messaging App has also developed other features that have kept it ahead of its competitors. For instance, Line allows the users to share photos and videos like other messaging apps. However, it has also incorporated other features that can be shared with friends that include voice messages, location information, and contacts.

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¡ i love Line Messenger !

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